A thrilling team race across London & The Sussex Downs


A motorcycle courier arrives at your office with an urgent parcel addressed to your team.  Inside are various pieces of equipment and a Dictaphone with a recorded message stating that a locked safe has been buried underground deep in the countryside miles from your current location.  The race is on…

Utilising various forms of transport the competition intensifies as your team speeds through a series of checkpoints in a race to unearth the hidden safe.  Tick tock, tick tock…

Buried blends problem solving, thrilling set-piece sequences and heart pumping action in a seat-of-the-pants action adventure.  The experience culminates with a celebration dinner and overnight stay in a luxury country house hotel.

Buried is the perfect platform to celebrate your business success motivating your team to greater heights.

Example Activities featuring in Buried:

High speed RIB chase down the Thames

Helicopter escape from the city in a twin engined Agusta 109

Tracker spotting along the coast by aerial surveillance

Gourmet picnic lunch en route

Testing driving skills in powerful Rage Buggies

Remote trail reconnaissance with drone and pilot

Hill Climb to the woods

The final sequence to unearth what’s ‘Buried’

The Goodwood Estate and Hotel

Your group will be staying on the world famous Goodwood Estate.  Set at the heart of the glorious 12,000 acre estate, the Goodwood Hotel exudes the very essence of British style – the perfect balance of seasonal dining and comfortable rooms all serviced by good old fashioned manners.

Your Experiential Adventure includes an overnight stay in the hotel along with a fantastic private dining experience in one of a number of exclusive dining options on the Estate including at Goodwood House, home to the Duke and Duchess of Richmond.  You will also enjoy access to the wonderful Waterbeach Spa and Health Club.

Buried Information

Group Size

This Experiential Adventure is suitable for groups of up to 20 people split into teams of up to 4 people.


The home location for this experience starts in Central London and finishes in the Sussex Downs.  Your package will include chauffeur driven transfers back to Central London the following day.


This Experiential Adventure lasts 1 day followed by a private dining experience and overnight stay on the Goodwood Estate. Total duration is 24 hours.


This Experiential Adventure has been primarily developed as an exclusive motivational reward.  We can tailor this experience for use as team building integrating behavioural analysis techniques.


There are numerous possibilities to extend your experience from offsite conference to track days and horse racing all situated on the Goodwood Estate.


Your experience will be captured by our professional film crew.  It will then be edited and supplied to you in digital and DVD format.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines

Three, Two, One...