A fast based spy action adventure in the spirit of the world's most famous agent


Bonded is an Experiential Adventure set across two days of high octane thrills befitting the world’s most famous secret agent.  The experience begins in Central London with the discovery of a monumental plot to covertly take control of the general public’s Wi-Fi enabled devices.

This trail leads to the megalomaniacal CEO of an internet giant and a secretive organisation who aim to brainwash public opinion through by taking control of their social media feeds.

With GCHQ intercepting reports that the malicious software systems will go live in 36 hours time you and your fellow agents will be in a race against time to track down and infiltrate the enemy organisation in order to thwart their plans and protect the British public.

Bonded will leave you ‘stirred not shaken’ living the ’00’ lifestyle complete with fast cars, gadgets and thrilling adventure.

Example Activities featuring in Bonded:

Meeting with Q in a disused underground station

Gadget and surveillance training

Hard Disk extraction from enemy HQ

Team based poker match against nemesis

Supercar pursuit to the south coast

RIB and Cruiser chase on the Solent

Forest Segway hostage extraction and escape

Satellite transmission jamming aboard submarine

Spitbank Fort

As part of your experience you could be staying at the extraordinary Spitbank Fort, a Bond villain’s lair cunningly posing as a 5* boutique hotel. Originally built as one of the four Palmerston Forts in the 19th Century to defend Portsmouth dockyard from a perceived threat of French invasion, it has now been restored to offer an intimate luxury experience in the most memorable of locations.

The fort features beautifully appointed guest’s suites, the Officer’s Mess restaurant, the Victory Bar, a Wine Cave, a library, a games room and roof terrace with hot pool, sauna, and fire pit. Definitely on the radar for any well respected international spy.

Bonded Information

Group Size

This experience is suitable for groups between 5-25 people split into teams of up to 5 people.


The experience starts in Central London and then heads down to the South Coast and Solent.


This experience last 2 days and includes overnight accommodation in an extraordinary location.


This experience is suitable for both team building and incentive groups.  It can be experienced all year around.


This experience can include a number of amazing options from helicopter flights, tank driving, a supercar chase and a Sunseeker Yacht blast.


Your experience will be captured by our professional film crew.  It will then be edited and supplied to you in digital and DVD format.