A Life Less Ordinary

Incentive Travel can deliver compelling results.  In fact, delivered well, it is the most powerful tool to motivate, inspire and reward your team with an effect far beyond mere financial compensation alone.

An overseas trip complete with once-in-a-lifetime experiences will forever be imprinted in the memories of those who participated.  One should never underestimate the power of these positive associations to create a happy, motivated and connected team who will be more engaged and more productive.

However, there is a common misperception that incentive travel programmes are merely “expensive jollys”.  This can certainly be true if poorly conceived and delivered.  At Emersive we ensure our incentive programmes are built from the ground up with your return on investment in mind.

Read on to discover how Emersive can create a magical incentive experience…

A Global Team With Local Expertise

A brilliant incentive travel programme requires a brilliant team to craft, plan and deliver it. Alongside our wonderful team of event professionals here in the UK, we have a global network of amazing Destination Management Companies (DMC’s) who work alongside us to make the magic happen.

Their local knowledge, expertise and contacts are second to none. From a private dinner in the Uffizi museum in Florence to a safari at Sir Richard Branson’s private game reserve in South Africa, together we have the capabilities, skills and experience to deliver the wow.

Smart Thinking Space

Increasingly companies are using incentive trips as part of their ideation process. Inspiring locations inspire great thinking and great ideas. Emersive can create a hybrid programme for your team that blends amazing activities with facilitated brainstorming sessions in breath-taking locations. Unleash the power of your teams creative thinking in a setting that is as far away from that soulless conference room as you can get.

Plan your company’s strategic direction, solve an intractable design problem, brainstorm service designs for your customers, this is a great way to catalyse fresh thinking to propel your business forward in a relaxed, positive environment.

Call to Action

In conjunction with our DMC and travel management partners we offer creatively imagined incentive travel programmes in fantastic locations across the globe. Thoughtfully constructed, expertly delivered and infused with your brand for a life less ordinary.

Let’s get started with an initial meeting to scope out the incredible.