A thrilling team race across London & The Home Counties


A motorcycle courier arrives at your office with an urgent parcel addressed to your team.  Inside are various pieces of equipment and a Dictaphone with a recorded message stating that a locked safe has been buried underground deep in the countryside miles from your current location.  The race is on…

Utilising various forms of transport the competition intensifies as your team speeds through a series of checkpoints in a race to unearth the hidden safe.  Tick tock, tick tock…

Buried blends problem solving, thrilling set-piece sequences and heart pumping action in a seat-of-the-pants action adventure.  The experience culminates with a celebration dinner and overnight stay in a luxury country house hotel.

Buried is the perfect platform to celebrate your business success motivating your team to greater heights.

Group Size

This experience is suitable for groups between 6-60 people split into teams of up to 5 people.


The home location for this experience starts in Central London and ends in The Home Counties.  It is possible to run this experience anywhere in the world.


The race element of this experience lasts for 1 day.  The group then dine and stay at a nearby country house hotel.


This experience is primarily developed as a motivational reward or incentive.  It can be adjusted to suit a team building exercise.


This experience includes a helicopter flight and an overnight stay in a luxury country house hotel.


Your experience will be captured by our professional film crew.  It will then be edited and supplied to you in digital and DVD format.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines

Three, Two, One...