A fast based spy action adventure in the spirit of the world's most famous agent


The British Secret Service has forever been immortalised by Ian Fleming’s character, James Bond 007. Dozens of stories and over 50 years of films have captured the imagination of audiences all around the world making it one of the most popular franchises in cinema history. 

With unswerving loyalty to The Service and his country, Bond demonstrates the ability to make extraordinarily difficult decisions in the most intense situations.

Our ‘Bonded’ experience challenges you over a 2-day Experiential Adventure of high octane thrills starting in London and reaching an epic climax on the South Coast of England.  The story line involves the discovery of a monumental plot to covertly take control of the general public’s Wi-Fi enabled devices.  The trail leads to the megalomaniacal CEO of an internet giant.
Bonded will leave you ‘stirred not shaken’ living the ’00’ lifestyle complete with cars, gadgets and thrilling adventures.

Group Size

This experience is suitable for groups between 5-40 people split into teams of up to 5 people.


The experience starts in Central London and then heads down to the South Coast and Solent.


This experience last 2 days and includes overnight accommodation in an extraordinary location.


This experience is suitable for both team building and incentive groups.  It can be experienced all year around.


This experience can include a number of amazing options from helicopter flights, tank driving, a supercar chase and a Sunseeker Yacht blast.


Your experience will be captured by our professional film crew.  It will then be edited into an exciting short film complete with soundtrack and interviews.