It’s a Matter of Experience

Bring the spirit of your company to life with an Emersive party. Whether entertaining staff, clients or industry peers the canvas of a celebratory event offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase your unique identity. The secret to a great party is the story behind it. More than just a theme, the narrative of your event should connect with your guests on both a cognitive and emotional level.

At Emersive storytelling is in our DNA and lies at the heart of our creative process. An Emersive party is an experiential adventure through your story where guests journey through different sights, sounds and tastes.

Read on to discover Emersive’s recipe for an amazing party…

The Team Works

To create a spectacular plate of food you need to combine the finest ingredients with the passion of a highly skilled chef. This is how we see the Emersive process of party planning. We work with only the finest venues, designers, caterers, technicians and entertainers combining them with our passion for creating the experience.

The delivery of an amazing party requires a multi-talented team working collaboratively across a wide range of disciplines from the highly technical to the seriously creative. After weeks and months of planning the big day arrives where our front of house team deliver impeccable service to your guests whilst our behind-the-scenes team focus on flawless production.

The Socially Connected Event

One of the major trend across the events industry in 2017 is the explosion of the socially connected event. When it comes to party planning, technology now offers a whole host of ways to personalise, connect and extend the live experience to a much wider audience. Facebook Live streaming, twitter walls, immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences, bespoke event apps, 360 broadcasting are bringing the convergence of physical and digital worlds ever closer.

These tools open up a new world of experiential design allowing the event’s reach to extend far beyond the confines of the venue with potentially enormous benefits to the ROI. Technology is rapidly changing our lives. For that reason we based Emersive’s offices in one of the country’s leading technology incubators to keep our finger on the pulse of the future.

Call to Action

It’s to time reimagine your live event experience. Whether it’s a product launch, staff awards ceremony or an anniversary celebration we can create and deliver a story line driven event infused with your brand that will engage and thrill your audience.

Let’s get started with an initial meeting to brainstorm your brand’s next experiential adventure.